Why Your Engine is Getting Too Hot

An overheating engine is a problem. When your engine is too hot, there is something wrong with your cooling system, radiator, or water pump. If you notice that your car is getting too hot, head over to our service center at DCH Honda of Mission Valley so that we can take a look at your vehicle.

Even when you don't have a leak in your cooling system, you can have a blockage in one of the hoses. A blockage can prevent your cooling system from keeping your engine cool. If the problem is a blockage in a cooling system hose, this is a pretty simple fix.

You can also have problems with your water pump or radiator. Both can cause problems with the cooling of your engine, making your engine run hot. Your radiator fan keeps your engine cool, while the water pump moves cooling water through the engine.

Have your car checked by our service center immediately when it is running too hot.

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