Digital Applications in Infotainment Systems

In today's digital age, it's important for car passengers to have access to mobile-friendly services. The latest vehicles are equipped with infotainment systems that support universal integration of smartphones and tablets. You can ask DCH Honda of Mission Valley in San Diego, CA about the connectivity options that are available in select models.

Premium cars typically have mobile hotspots that operate at 4G LTE speeds. Multiple devices could be connected to the WiFi network that's powered by a vehicle's infotainment system. Some SUVs and crossover SUVs have reliable wireless networks that support up to 10 devices at one time.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are some of the most popular connectivity features in the latest vehicles on the American market. Such technology allows you to tap into your phone's apps, such as Google Maps, traffic updates, and social media. Modern infotainment units also support various audio streaming services, ranging from iHeartRadio to Pandora Internet Radio.

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