Tire Sizes and How to Read Them

Replacing old tires is essential to the safety of the driver and their passengers. Old tires have poor traction, lead to poor performance, and have negative effects on your vehicle as a whole. When purchasing new tires, it's important to understand the markings that designate the correct tire for your vehicle.

To find the right tires for your vehicle, you'll need to understand what the series of numbers and letters stand for. A typical tire will have a marking that follows this format: a letter, followed by three numbers, followed by a slash and two more numbers, then a space, another letter, and finally two more numbers. Which will look like this: P215/65 R15.

In this example the P designates that the tire is a passenger rated tire. The 215 is how many millimeters in width the tire is. The 65 represents the height of the sidewall in millimeters. The R designates that the tire is a radial construction and 15 refers to the diameter of the wheel that the tire fits on to. Bring your vehicle into our service center when you need to purchase new tires.

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