Keep Your Headlights Shining Bright

Over time, the headlights on your vehicle can take on a dingy and yellow look. It makes the headlights look unattractive, and it can make your headlights produce less light. When your headlights start to look dull, there are ways to restore them.

One easy was to restore the appearance of your headlights is to use ordinary toothpaste. Just put a small amount on the headlight. Get a wet rag, and then rub gently. The headlight should look much better. With caution, you can also use insect repellent with DEET. Make sure not to get any on a painted surface, and wipe the excess off the headlight.

If these methods don't work, there are kits available for purchase. If you are in need of help with headlight restoration, contact our service center at DCH Honda of Mission Valley in San Diego, CA. The service department can perform a variety of automotive services including routine maintenance and more complex repair jobs.

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