Safety Checklist for Towing Another Vehicle

The towing safety checklist will help reduce any instances of trouble so that you arrive at your destination with the towed vehicle safely.

  • Once the vehicle is on the trailer, be sure the weight has been positioned in a way that it is as evenly distributed as possible.
  • Never assume the taillights on the trailer are working, have someone get behind the vehicles and confirm they are all working.
  • Know the weight capacity of your trailer hitch and upgrade if the weight of the load is too close to that limit.
  • Adjust all the mirrors so you can see as much of the blind areas as possible. Invest in stick-on blind-spot mirrors to help open up your visibility and lessen the chances of hitting another vehicle on the roads.

Never assume that your vehicle is able to tow a vehicle without first stopping by our service center at DCH Honda of Mission Valley so we can make certain it is road-ready.

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