Discover How to Drive in the Rain

This safety guide was brought to you by the team here at DCH Honda of Mission Valley in the hopes you and your family are safer on the roads of this community.

  • If you need to turn on the windshield wipers, you should be turning on the headlights too. The headlights will act as a beacon and alert other drivers you are ahead or behind them.
  • Be certain that as the rain starts falling, you slow down at least two seconds to help to increase the overall buffer size and keep a safer driving distance between cars. The other benefit is you help to increase reaction times of drivers too.
  • Turn off the cruise control in the car the minute the rain starts falling to help to avoid your car hydroplaning or skidding into oncoming traffic at high speeds.

Bring your car down to our service center here at DCH Honda of Mission Valley so we can provide your vehicle a full inspection.

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