Have You Checked Your Air Filters Lately?

Do you run at your best when you have a stuffy nose and can barely breathe? How do you think your car feels when its air filters are choked with years of dirt, grime, pollen, and other pollutants.

Your passenger air filter cabin helps make sure the air inside your car is clean and your air conditioner runs at top efficiency. Your engine air filter protects your engine from contaminants, and a clogged filter can decrease your acceleration and gas mileage. Just like your home AC filter, these filters must be routinely replaced as they fill up with dirt. Your car's manual likely has a suggested timely, but your needs may vary based on where you drive.

To learn more about why your cabin and air filters are so important or to schedule a replacement, talk to DCH Honda of Mission Valley today. We're conveniently located in San Diego, CA.

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