Stranded on the Side of the Road? Here's What to Do

Getting a flat tire, having your battery or alternator die, or having another car malfunction while you are traveling can be a frightening experience. This goes double if you're moving at highway speeds. Knowing what to do in an emergency can increase your likelihood of making it out safely.

First, get off the road. Immediately turn on your emergency flashers, apply your brakes, and ease the vehicle to the shoulder as soon as you can safely do so. If your brakes aren't working, use the emergency brake. Do this slowly, otherwise, you'll lose control.

Don't leave the car until you know there is no oncoming traffic. when you do, set up emergency flares at least 100 feet to the front and rear of your car. Then, you can call roadside assistance.

Don't have an emergency kit for your car? Come visit us at DCH Honda of Mission Valley in San Diego, CA. We'd be happy to give you pointers on what tools you should have in your car.

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