What Kind of Floor Mats Are Right for My Car?

Interior features of some vehicles can make or break the decision of whether or not to buy it for some potential car buyer. One of the biggest decisions to make is whether to have rubber all weather floor mats or carpet floor mats installed. That is why we here at DCH Honda of Mission Valley located right in San Diego, CA wanted to describe the situations in which each type may be the best option.

First, rubber floor mats are best for those who will frequently be tracking a lot of dirt in and out of the vehicle. Typically, those living in very rural areas may want to consider rubber mats. If you are much more worried about style, carpet may be the way to go.

If you consider the place you live to be more urban, there may not be an issue with tracking dirt in which means the aesthetic look of carpet may outweigh the functionality of rubber floor mats.

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