Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors Can Contribute to Road Safety

When you're driving at night, it can be very uncomfortable to have headlights shining in your eyes. While you can't do too much about oncoming cars, you can address the glare from headlights behind you. Auto-dimming rearview mirrors are becoming more common, and they're included on many of the cars at DCH Honda of Mission Valley in San Diego, CA.

These mirrors have a special design that allows them to darken images in certain situations. They're built with special sensors that can detect light, and when bright headlights are shining on the mirror, things start kicking into action. The sensors send out an electric charge into an electrochromic gel housed within the mirror, behind the top layer of glass, and that charge initiates a reaction in which the gel gets darker.

The result is that you're not distracted by such bright lights and can focus better on driving. If you have any questions, we're available to discuss this feature with you.

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