If you have pet hair in your car after traveling in San Diego, CA, you might think that it will never come off the seats or floors. A creative idea to consider is a balloon. Utilize the static that's on the exterior of the balloon to attract pet hair to remove it from your car.

Duct tape or another kind of heavy-duty tape that you can fold in half can be used to pick up hair inside the car. This method works well on the seats. After wrapping the tape around your hand, all you have to do is move your hand along the seat to get any hair that's present.

A wire brush is an option to consider if there's a lot of pet hair in the crevices of your car seats. The brush can be used after you've vacuumed the car to remove debris that's left over. DCH Honda of Mission Valley often has brushes that you can purchase as well that are often used on the outside of the car when it's being washed but that can be used on the seats as well.

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