Get Your Brakes Checked

Are your brakes always making weird noises when you press down? It could be that your brake pads about to go. Once that happens, your rotors will start grinding against metal, which could cause warping and more serious issues. Brake systems are made up of rotors and brake pads. These help slow down your vehicles so you can come to a stop. When any of these parts become damaged, your vehicle will likely start making some terrible noises and won’t slow down as fast.

If you find yourself pushing down harder, then your brake pads have definitely worn away. At this time, the best thing to do is bring it in for inspection. A mechanic will take a look at your brakes and see what’s causing any grinding or burning smell. It could simply be that your tires need to be rotated as well if you notice pulsation at the steering wheel.

When your brakes are going out, why not get them checked out to avoid dangerous situations? You should stop by the friendly service department at DCH Honda of Mission Valley located in San Diego, CA to get more information and a quick checkup.

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