If you've been having problems starting your vehicle, let us help you figure out the cause at DCH Honda of Mission Valley in San Diego, CA. While it could be the battery, the ignition also plays an important role in starting your vehicle and keeping it running smoothly. Read on for warning signs of a faulty ignition.

There are certain noises, such as a grinding noise or freewheeling, which can indicate your ignition is the problem. With grinding noises, the drive gear may not be properly engaged, or the drive gear may be completely worn down. Freewheeling typically occurs when the starter isn't in sync with the freewheel. When this occurs, have your engine inspected as soon as possible because it could cause excessive damage to the starter system.

Keeping an eye out for visual signs, which may include an oil-soaked starter or smoke, can also be helpful. Smoke could mean that there's a short within the starter, and an oil-soaked starter could be an indicator of a leak.

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