Over the life of your vehicle, one of your biggest expenses will be the fuel you use to keep your car going. Therefore, any improvements you can make in your vehicle's fuel economy will go a long way to help save you money. To help your car run as efficiently as possible, we at DCH Honda of Mission Valley offer these fuel-saving tips.

One easy tip you can use, especially when you're on a long drive in San Diego, CA, is to utilize the cruise control as much as possible. Your car's cruise control is great at preventing sudden speed changes, which can quickly eat up unnecessary fuel. Speaking of your car's speed, another great tip to save fuel is to simply observe the posted speed limit. The faster you drive your car, the more fuel you'll use, without any benefits to show for driving so fast.

If you've noticed an unexplained drop in fuel economy, be sure to visit us at our service center as soon as possible.

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