You can easily clean your car's engine at home. We'll give you some advice that draws from our substantial automotive experience at DCH Honda of Mission Valley.

First, check the San Diego, CA weather forecast, and pick a warm day that also features low humidity. Those conditions will help your engine dry. We also strongly advise you not to clean an engine that has recently been running. You don't want to damage your engine or injure yourself. Begin your engine-cleaning session by detaching all plastic components from the engine. Also, disengage your battery's negative connection, and cover any electronic components under your hood with plastic bags.

Using a household degreaser, spray your engine thoroughly. As you let the degreaser work, you may also need to scrub grime-caked areas. A synthetic brush will work well. Afterward, rinse your engine. Avoid high water pressure. Let your engine dry, then reattach all of the components you disconnected. Remove the plastic bags, and get ready to enjoy the road.

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